Healthy eating should never compromise taste and familiarity with the food. People of different cultures with diabetes should be able to continue to eat the same foods they have always enjoyed eating. Sometimes traditional recipes need a little tweaking to make them more diabetes-friendly and healthier. 150 Best Indian, Asian, Caribbean and More Diabetes Recipes will help people with diabetes and their families to continue to enjoy delicious traditional recipes as part of healthy eating.
Joanne Lewis, RD CDE
Manager, Diabetes Education Canadian Diabetes Association
This diabetes cookbook is an important resource for anyone trying to adopt a healthier diet whilst still be able to enjoy classic ethnic dishes. This book explains simple ways we can modify traditional recipes in order to make them more diabetes-friendly and still enjoy them. Not only does she provide recipes, but nutritional information about each recipe. As a novice cook, I found her recipes clear, easy to follow, and absolutely delicious!
Dr. Saunia Ahmad
Clinical Psychologist
I've known Sobia Khan for some time now and she is great mentor, dietitian and researcher. I recently got a copy of the “150 Best Indian, Asian, Caribbean and more diabetes recipes…” cookbook. It has not only helped my patients to make healthier versions of their traditional favourites but also everyone, including myself, learn about multicultural cuisine with the in-depth explanation of ingredients and cooking techniques. With its practical suggestions about diabetes prevention and management, it is the perfect resource to help my patients and myself enjoy a healthy and balanced eating approach!
Jana Vinayagamoorthy
I am so happy that I came across this book. I have many patients of a South Asian and Asian background in my clinic that I see for diabetes and discussing their diet habits has always been challenging. This is partly because patients have told me that it is hard to adhere to a diabetic diet with cultural food that is tasty. Having a book with a comprehensive and easy to follow recipe guide has been a real asset for my patients. I bought some copies to keep at my clinic and I am always referencing Sobia’s book for examples of great tasting dishes. I also have a copy for my home and made Pakistani lamb stew the other night and it was quite easy to follow and tasted great! It is great to see an author that is not only of a strong academic background but passion for helping others. Keep up the great work!
Dr. Osama Khan
MD Toronto, Canada
This is a wonderful book with lots of helpful hints, tips, nutritional information and description of each recipe. This is definitely a book I would suggest to my clients to review or get meal ideas from as each and every cuisine has so much to offer with their differing taste and variety!. Thanks, Sobia for putting this together!
Anisha Mahajan
RD Toronto, Canada

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